Meta’s Reality Labs lost $21 billion since last year’s unsuccessful metaverse gamble

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It’s incredible how much can shift in the span of just a single year. It is worth remembering that not too long ago, the metaverse was capturing the attention when Facebook relaunched itself as Meta to focus on the metaverse. These days, AI is the topic that everyone is talking about, but it is important to remember that not too long ago, the metaverse was stealing the spotlight.

Meta’s gamble did not turn out to be successful, however. By November 2022, Meta’s market capitalization had plummeted to an astounding level, having lost 700 billion dollars in value. A little over a year has passed, and Meta has not been able to stem the flow of billions of dollars in losses caused by its unsuccessful attempt to create a metaverse.

In the earnings report for the second quarter that was released today by Meta, the company revealed some concerning data for its Reality Labs division, which indicate serious financial troubles. The article states that Reality Labs, which is in charge of developing virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for the metaverse, has recorded a shocking loss of almost $21 billion in revenue since the beginning of the previous year.

Meta’s Reality Labs

The number of dollars in sales brought in by Reality Labs during the second quarter of this year was $276 million. However, during the same time period it reported an alarming operating loss of $3.7 billion. This indicated a decrease in sales as compared to the previous quarter’s total revenue of $339 million brought in by the unit, which was $339 million.

Reality Labs was expected to post $421 million in sales despite incurring operational losses of $3.5 billion, according to the projections of analysts who had a more bullish outlook. Unfortunately, the actual outcomes were not anywhere near as good as these predictions.

Reality Labs was confronted with even greater difficulties in the prior year, as the company incurred a total loss of $13.7 billion while only bringing in sales of $2.16 billion. Quest-branded virtual reality headsets contributed in some way to the company’s total revenue. The first three months of this year alone resulted in a loss of $3.99 billion for the unit, contributing to the huge total losses that the unit has incurred from the beginning of the previous year, which are approximately $21.3 billion. These data bring to light the challenges faced by the unit and reflect the challenges that Meta is encountering in making the idea of the Metaverse financially viable.

After changing its name from Facebook to Meta in October 2021 in order to place more of an emphasis on the metaverse, Meta quickly fell into financial difficulties. Because all of Meta’s business units are continuing to suffer losses on many fronts, the company’s worth has decreased by more than 700 billion dollars since it reached its all-time high a year ago. The social media behemoth has seen a decline in value of 70 percent year to far, with its shares dropping from $300 to just $100.

That’s not the end of it. As of the 22nd of November, Zuckerberg’s personal net worth has decreased by more than $100 billion as well. However, since reaching its low point in 2020, the corporation has since made a recovery.

In order to bring the company’s new vision to life, Meta has announced that it intends to invest $10 billion in the metaverse. At the time, Meta stated that it intends to hire 10,000 individuals in the European Union in order to construct a “metaverse.” Zuckerberg continued by saying that the company has made a significant investment in the metaverse, and that it will play an essential part in the company moving ahead.

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